I am one of Mr.Owens’ Student

Hi my name is Manveer Basra and I love Mr..Owens’ Multi Media class. Like doing the morning announcement and saying what is new and reminders. I also love doing his blog post every week. I like we can make our own film like a script project.      

Checking In

For your health I’m excited about the myriad of shows kids are producing. Remember, everyone needs to complete two Film Projects this quarter. The gradebook for the quarter ends on Oct. 20, 2017. The only stipulation is that each film has to be of a different genre. Every film needs to be approved upon completion…

Morning Announcements 8/22/2017

Great job to Ian and Zach for doing the announcement for the first time! Great job to everyone that supported them with the announcements! Audio needs some improvement, we’ve got a microphone for Thursday, but we’re still waiting on the class equipment orders. As soon as tablets are out, we’ll get started on our blogs….