UFC 272 was a great card, although there weren’t many finishes, the fights were still great. I’ll be breaking down the fights of this card in this blog.

Sergey Spivak vs Greg Hardy

In this fight, Greg Hardy was dominated all in the span of one round. He was rag-dolled by Sergeys wrestling and knocked out cold by Sergey Spivak’s ground and pound. Glad to see that, as he does have some issues with beating women. After this fight, Sergey Spivak looks to book a fight against a ranked opponent. For Greg Hardy, he should probably retire.

Kevin Holland vs Alex Oliveira

This fight was Kevin Holland’s UFC welterweight debut against veteran Alex Oliveira. From the start of the fight, Oliveira looked to make Holland not find his rhythm, he landed leg kicks and jabs whenever Kevin Holland went in to attack. But in the second round, Holland made some adjustments and was able to clip Oliveira with a short hook to knock him down. He finished the fight with elbows and ground and pound to successfully make his welterweight debut.

Edson Barboza vs Bryce Mitchell

This was such a dominant performance from Bryce Mitchell. It may have been the worst beating of Edson Barboza’s entire career, Mitchell landed 4/4 takedowns and over 150 strikes while Barboza had less than 30. In the first round, Edson Barboza found early success in leg kicks, but it was overshadowed by Mitchell’s left hand which dropped him. Barboza tried to recover on the feet but Mitchell maintained top control and punished him until the round was over. In the second round, Bryce wasted no time and shot a takedown less than 30 seconds in. There was no significant attempt from Barboza to get up while Bryce had top control and pounced him to open up a cut. In the third round, it went the same way, Bryce beat Edson in his own pool of blood. Bryce Mitchell won the fight via unanimous decision. (30-25, 30,26, and 30-27.)

Rafael dos Anjos vs Renato Moicano

Man, this fight was brutal for Renato Moicano, but he showed that he was a fighter. He took the fight on short notice, and unfortunately also took a beating. Throughout the fight, RDA beat Moicano on the feet and on the ground, RDA rocked him a few times, scored a knockdown, and scored multiple takedowns with a lot of control time. This fight most definitely should’ve been stopped, Moicano looked like a tomato after the 4th round. Moicano is a warrior though, he went on to win the 5th round and force RDA to shoot a takedown because he was dazed. RDA won the fight via unanimous decision. (49-44, 50-44, and 49-45)

Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal

This did not go well for Masvidal, he was dominated the entire fight and will probably just fight for money now. Colby suffocated Masvidal for the entire fight while trying to snap his neck the whole time. The amount of volume Colby has with his striking and wrestling is crazy, by the third round, Masvidal was exhausted. Colby constantly pressed Masvidal against the fence and cranked his neck. In the fourth round, Masvidal rocked Colby Covington but couldn’t finish the fight due to exhaustion. according to 2 judges, Jorge didn’t win a single round. Colby Covington won the fight via unanimous decision. (49-46, 50-44, and 50-45)

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