At UFC 274, Charles Oliveira will be defending his lightweight throne against the number one contender Justin Gaethje. There might be an amazing co-main in Michael Chandler vs Tony Ferguson. It’ll be held in Chares Oliveira’s country, Rio De Janeiro.

Michael Chandler vs Tony Ferguson

Both of these guys are in the later stages of their careers, but they still put on amazing performances. They are both on losing streaks and have taken a lot of damage in those losses. Chandler is on a two-fight losing streak against Lightweight Champion Charles Oliveira, and Justin Gaethje. Tony Ferguson is on a three-fight losing streak against Justin Gaethje, LW Champ Charles Oliviera, and Beneil Dariush. Chandler got knocked out by Oliveira and went to war with Gaethje absorbing over 100 powerful shots. Ferguson was also battered by Gaethje taking more than 100 clean shots. Ever since that fight, Tony wasn’t the same. This fight will be very explosive on the feet and entertaining on the ground as they are both skilled in grappling. We will see if Tony’s chin will be able to stand up for itself against Michael Chandler’s ridiculous power, and we will see if Chandler can defend Tony’s unorthodox style.

Charles Oliveira vs Justin Gaethje

Charles Oliveira will be defending his title for the second time against Justin Gaethje. This will be Oliveira’s 30th fight in the UFC and it will be against one of the most dangerous fighters in the lightweight division right now. Charles Oliveira is basically a snake when it’s on the ground, he’s able to get submissions from any position, it’s the reason he has 20 submissions in the UFC. He also has precise muay Thai striking and will to never give up. In his last fight, he showed his ability to pour the pressure and his submission game, his pressure made Dustin Poirier gassed, and was able to secure a standing rear-naked choke. But he also was rocked plenty of times and is fighting just 5 months apart. We will be able to see if he has recovered enough when he goes up against one of the most powerful hitters in the division. Justin Gaethje has shown his improvement in technical striking, he used to be a brawler until Trevor Whittman picked him up to coach him. In his last fight against Michael Chandler, he was able to keep his composure instead of brawling and opening himself up to get knocked out. He’s made people just go out, most of his punches could probably put a dent in concrete. Justin Gaethje is also an amazing wrestler but I’m not sure if he would want to do that against the most dangerous person on the ground. My pick for this fight will be Charles Oliveira, he just has more ways to win than Justin Gaethje. He could possibly knock Gaethje out or submit him, while Gaethje can only knock him out. Oliveira might get dropped a couple of times, but he can get out of those situations easily.

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