Anderson Silva was one of the greatest fighters until a gruesome injury. He had a downwards spiral but was still one of the best. He retired in MMA with a 34-11 record.

Early Career

He began his career on June 25th, 1997 against Raimundo Pinheiro. In just the first round, Anderson Silva had gotten his opponent flattened out to secure the rear-naked choke. The same night, he fought Fabricio Camoes. Fabricio took tons of shots and was even thrown out of the ring by Silva. Camoes took many shots which ended in a TKO. He took some time off to focus on Pro Boxing. After a 3 year break, he came back against Luiz Azeredo. Anderson had all of the control on the feet, but once it was on the ground Luiz was the one with the advantage. The winner after 2 ten minute rounds was Luiz Azeredo was the winner. Anderson Silva had taken his first loss out of 3 fights. His next fight was 3 months later against Jose Barreto. Jose had tried taking down Silva but it was not working, Silva kept picking Jose apart which led to a head kick knockout. He went on to win 8 more fights until losing to Daiju Takase. Daiju did well at keeping Silva down. Daiju was reversed but put Silva in a triangle choke to finish the fight. Before entering the UFC, he went 6-2.


In his debut in the UFC, he faced Chris Leben. Chris came in rushing immediately but got caught with a lot of punches and a head kick. Silva continued to throw and knocked him down, when he got back up, Chris Leben was caught by a knee which put him out. 4 wins later, Anderson Silva had his chance at becoming the middleweight champion against Dan Henderson. This win would make him one of the longest-reigning UFC Champions. In his championship reign, he defeated James Irvin, Patrick Cote, Thales Leites, Forest Griffin, Demian Maia, Chael Sonnen x2, Victor Belfort, Yushin Okami, and Stephen Bonnar. His career would basically end when he was matched up with Chris Weidman. Chris Weidman looked good in the first round when he secured a takedown, but the next round, Anderson Silva became a bit too cocky. While taunting, Silva with his hands down was caught by a left hook which put him out cold. After this fight, the whole MMA world was shocked. He had gotten himself an immediate rematch which ended even worse this time. Silva was knocked down in the first round and taken down. Anderson Silva had thrown a leg kick which was checked by Weidman, unfortunately, Anderson Silva’s leg snapped. He had snapped his tibia and fibula. In just one year, Anderson returned against Nick Diaz. The fight was pretty interesting, Diaz taunted Silva for most of the fight, Silva did enough to win the fight via decision. But days later, it was revealed Silva had a failed drug test. His win was overturned. Next up was Michael Bisping, Silva was dropped in the first round but came close to finishing Bisping in the third with a flying knee. He lost in a unanimous decision which many people thought was wrong. A few months later, he faced Daniel Cormier. It was a wrestling showcase by Cormier for all three rounds, Silva was on top of his corner just happy that he survived. He lost via decision. He faced Derek Brunson next. It was a close fight with both fighters having their moments. Anderson Silva won the fight via decision. After this fight, he went on a 3 fight losing streak. He lost to Israel Adesanya, Jared Cannonier, and Uriah Hall. He was cut from the UFC.

He is still fighting to this day in boxing, he actually defeated a former boxing world champion Julio Cesar Chaves Jr. He faced Tito Ortiz in a boxing match and knocked him out cold in the first round. He looks to face Jake Paul or whoever is put in front of him next.

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