Tawanchai Saenchai is competing in the One Championship organization. He’s been competing for a very long time, his record is 126-31-2. He’s won multiple fighting awards, was the first person to knock out Sangmanee who was a 7-time Muay Thai World Champion, and he is a Muay Femur type fighter, a Muay Femur fighter is a fighter with a high IQ in fighting. Although he has only has a 2-1 record in One Championship, he just knocked out the number 1 ranked 145’r.

Tawanchai vs Sean Clancy

This was Tawanchai’s debut in which he got a third-round knockout after he dominated Sean Clancy by cutting him up. He avoided many hits while throwing cracking kicks of his own. In this fight he did what a muay femur fighter would do, he backed up most of the fight while picking out his shots. He has some of the best striking in the division with kicks as loud as a whip and hands as fast as lightning. He won every single round and ended the fight with a brutal head kick which stoned Sean Clancy.

Sitthichai vs Tawanchai

In this fight, Tawanchai lost via decision. What’s different from any other fighting organization, One Championship judges decide who wins the fight over the course of the whole fight, they don’t judge it by rounds, they judge the whole fight, like who controlled and had more strikes or trips in the entirety of the fight. Sitthichai did a great job of nullifying Tawanchai’s teep kick which is one of his best kicks and also tripping Tawanchai a few times. This fight could’ve gone either way because they both had their own moments when they were in the pocket and clinch. Even after this fight, lots of people knew that Tawanchai had a bright future ahead of him.

Saemapetch vs Tawanchai

Tawanchai really showed everyone what he could do in this fight, he effortlessly put out the number one bantamweight contender in one round. Saemapetch basically lived his life in Muay Thai, he has been competing since he was 7. Saemapetch has been competing for over 20 years. Tawanchai showed off his speed and super precise strikes. He was constantly pushing Saemapetch basically across the cage with his powerful teep kicks. Towards the end of the round, Tawanchai caught Saemapetch with a clean left straight, Saemapetch was clearly affected leading Tawanchai to push forward and land some shots. He landed 2 jabs, a head kick, and two straights which dropped Saemapetch. To follow up on the knockdown, Tawanchai completely unloaded on Saemapetch with his hardest combinations to put Saemapetch out.

At only 22, Tawanchai has defeated the number one bantamweight contender while being unranked. His next fight could possibly be for the title, if he comes up short, it’s still fine, he has many more years in Muay Thai to capture a title. In the future of his career, he will certainly be one of the best One Championship Muay Thai fighters.

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