In this blog, I will be reviewing UFC 270 and the amazing fight between Calvin Kattar and Giga Chikadze. These fights were amazing.

Kattar vs Chikadze

This fight was a great performance from Calvin Kattar, he pretty much butchered Giga Chikadze. He had 50-45’d Giga twice and 50-44 once. In the first round, Giga Chikadze was very kick-heavy as usual, Giga whiffed his kick, and Kattar capitalized by getting his back and a takedown. He had control of Giga pretty much the entire time for the first round. In the second round, Giga Chikadze was surprisingly gassed, this could be due to the fact that Calvin Kattar put pressure on him the entire fight. He did the right thing when putting pressure because Giga is a dangerous kickboxer because kickboxers have to reset after every kick they throw. Kattar also threw disgusting elbows, they were so brutal. Close to the end of the round, Kattar hit Giga with a spinning elbow which rocked him. This pretty much happened for the rest of the fight as Giga Chikadze got more and more gassed. Giga Chikadze overlooked Kattar so much, he wanted the Champ even though he can’t grapple or get pressured. Even after getting beat down, Giga still has a huge ego. I think Kattar will face Yair Rodriguez or Brian Ortega after this win. Giga Chikadze can fight Dan Ige or Arnold Allen.

Moreno vs Figueiredo

This fight was great, one of the best flyweight fights ever. The winner of the fight was Deiveson Figueiredo by Unanimous Decision 48-47 x3. Man, I really wanted Brandon Moreno to win this one, good thing there will be the 4th fight. In the first round, Moreno looked sharp and confident but Figgy’s leg kicks swept him a few times. On one of the sweeps, Moreno threw an overhand right that connected and rocked Figgy. It was almost like Kai Kara France and Garbrandt. The 2 rounds were tied at 1-1. In the next two rounds, Moreno got dropped 3 times. So that’s easily 2 rounds for Figgy and now it is 1-3, basically over for Moreno if he doesn’t get a finish which he didn’t, but became really close by rocking Figgy late. It was 48-47 x3 unfortunately for Moreno.

Ngannou vs Gane

In this fight, Ngannou showed everyone how much he has improved since his first fight against Stipe Miocic. He made on-the-fly adjustments and grinded it out for a unanimous decision win. It started with Ciryl Gane throwing leg kicks and pretty much everything, he caught Francis with a few elbows and even a wheel kick but Ngannou just ate them. He pretty much did this for the first 2 rounds that he won. Once the first two rounds ended, Francis started to wrestle. He caught Gane’s kick and proceeded to slam him into the canvas getting into side control. Gane eventually got up but was shortly after taken down again where he was controlled. It went the same way for the rest of the fight. The only chance Gane had was when he had top control but he got reversed by Ngannou and fell to the bottom where he had attempted a heel hook, but was unsuccessful and was laid on for the rest of the fight. Ngannou had the 48-47 x2, 49-46 x1 to win a unanimous decision. Francis Ngannou made an amazing comeback.

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