UFC 269 Main Card Results

UFC 269 was amazing, there were 4 finishes and I believe 4 upsets. This Co-Main was shocking and the Main Event was a great back and forth battle.

Raulian Paiva vs Sean O’Malley

In this fight, Sean O’Malley made easy work of Raulian Paiva with a late first-round knockout. Raulian Paiva was only looking for a counter right, and when he tried landing it, he kept going off balance so O’Malley kept moving around and tagging him with jabs. At the end of the round, O’Malley was able to measure his right hands and threw a devastating right overhand which knocked Paiva down and allowed Sean O’Malley to finish the fight. In his post-fight interview, he revealed he had suffered a rib injury and wasn’t able to grapple or spar 3 weeks before the fight.

Kai Kara France vs Cody Garbrandt

Kai Kara France has spoiled the Flyweight debut of Cody Garbrandt with a first-round knockout. What Cody did well in this fight was circling around evading shots but that wasn’t enough, because Kai Kara France is so good and quick at finding the right hand to end the fight, and he did. He knocked him down when Cody was throwing a naked leg kick in close range where Kai Kara France was able to capitalize with a big right hand that put Cody out for a second but he recovered. Kai pressured Cody against the fence until he was able to hit a nasty combo, he faked the jab, threw an overhand right, left shovel hook, and a right uppercut which made Herb Dean stop the fight while Cody was on all fours crawling.

Geoff Neal vs Santiago Ponzinibbio

I don’t know how to feel about this fight, this fight was okay at most, Geoff Neal won the Split Decision in a pretty boring way. It was a close and good stand-up fight where Geoff Neal took rounds 1 and 3 to win it. During the break going into the 3rd round, Geoff Neal’s coach had some strange words. “Get in his a**”

Amanda Nunes vs Julianna Pena

This was one of the greatest upsets in MMA history, Julianna Pena beats Amanda Nunes via Rear Naked Choke. I still can’t believe this happened, in my past blogs I doubted Julianna Pena so much I thought she had no chance. Amanda Nunes looked very sloppy in this fight, she had no head movement, she got popped with 1-2’s constantly which rocked her and exhausted her. In the second round, Pena rocked Nunes with tons of 1-2’s and tripped Nunes when she was against the cage, Pena was on top in the backside and put in a choke with no hooks and the -900 betting favorite, Amanda Nunes tapped, I believe it was her second loss in her UFC career with her last loss being in 2014. In Julianna Pena’s post-fight interview she talked about rumors when Amanda was not training until Pena came to the gym and confronted Nunes’ coach. Something was definitely off with Amanda Nunes, it could be changing weight classes from 135 to 145.

Charles Oliveira vs Dustin Porier

It was an amazing fast-paced fight between these two, they had a great first-round landing over 80 combined strikes in the first. The power of Dustin Poirier is crazy, he stunned him multiple times, and he knocked Oliveira down once maybe twice with a check right hook and a big right overhand. The mistake Poirier made was chasing Oliveira to the ground after knocking him down and that helped Oliveira recover. The first round definitely belonged to Dustin Poirier. In the second round, it went Oliveira’s way. There was some controversy when Oliveira rolled and cuffed Dustin’s glove and was able to pass to full guard where he rained down big elbows for the rest of the round. In the third round, Charles was able to catch on to something from the first round, whenever Charles threw his right hand, Poirier was looking for a right hook to counter, when Poirier throws that counter right hook he leaves his hips open. In the third round, Oliveira faked the right hand, Poirier throws the counter, Oliviera slipped behind Poirier’s back and got a hook in, he gets a standing back mount and does an excellent job at hiding his hands to get the standing rear-naked choke and he gets his first title defense against Dustin Poirier.

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