UFC 267 was amazing, especially Petr Yan and Cory Sandhagen’s amazing performance against each other, and the shocking result of Jan Blachowicz and Glover Texiera. (The title is super interesting and catching, get it done so I can look, cause I think that’ll be great.)

Petr Yan vs Cory Sandhagen

This fight was outstanding, these two put on one of the greatest fights in the bantamweight division or the UFC. The winner of this fight was Petr Yan, he obtained the Interim Bantamweight Championship and will be next in line for the title shot against Aljomain Sterling. In this fight, the pace never changed, they kept going at it on their feet. Although Cory Sandhagen outstruck Petr Yan, Petr Yan is known to be a slow starter, Petr Yan also threw the heavier shots. Cory took some heavy shots, he took a couple of spinning back fists with hooks to end it, a head kick right to the head, and a spinning wheel kick, he only went down once from the spinning back fist. Petr Yan’s chin is great too, he took some flying knees right to the face. I’m surprised that this fight went all 25 minutes, I thought Petr Yan would get it done earlier. Dana White, the president of the UFC, gave them the Performance of the Night which gave them $50,000 each.

Jan Blachowicz vs Glover Teixiera

This fight was shocking. It seemed that Jan Blachowicz, unfortunately, did not bring his ‘Polish Power’ with him to Abu Dhabi. In the first round, Glover got a takedown and had top control in Jan Blachowicz’s guard for more than half the round and threw a bit of ground and pound to win the round. In the second round, they got into a striking exchange where Glover Teixiera rocked Jan Blachowicz with a big left hook. They got into the clinch where Jan made a questionable decision and tried to pull guard and get a kimura, but it ended up with the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt easily escaping and throwing ground and pound to get Jan Blachowicz to give his back. Whenever someone is flattened out, it does not go well for them, Glover Teixeira threw, even more, ground and pound, Glover then went for the Rear Naked Choke which made Jan Blachowicz tap quickly. After this fight, Glover Teixeira became the second oldest to win a UFC Championship at 42 years old.(GREAT)

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