In this blog, I will be writing about 5 great fighters on the Pound for Pound of all time.

Fedor Emelianenko

Fedor’s career started in 2000, winning 4 straight but eventually coming to a controversial loss, in the next 28 fights he won all of them. He beat 4 former UFC Champions, a Pride FC champion, one former and two future K-1 Champions, and 2 Olympic gold medalists. In 2012 he took a 3-year break but for his return, he signed with Bellator. He is the number #3 Heavyweight and is coming off of a knockout win at 46 years old.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurmagomedov is the Number One Lightweight of all time. He retired on top of the world with a 29-0 record with accomplishments like having the most takedowns in a single UFC fight, two time Sambo Champion, and being the first person to knockdown Conor Mcgregor.. There’s no argument about Nurmagomedov being the most dominant fighter of all time, he’s only lost 2 rounds in his UFC career. In his fight with Conor Mcgregor, the PPV sales went off the roof with 2.4 million buys. Khabib is truly one of the greatest fighters ever.

Demetrious Johnson

Demetrious Johnson is one of the most dominant fighters in the 125 division and in the UFC. This guy was so dominant with his 11 consecutive title defenses that Dana White, the president of the UFC, wanted him along with the flyweight division, out of the UFC. DJ is also the shortest fighter that was in the UFC in the men’s division at 5’3. Demetrious Johnson is a freestyle wrestler and a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He used his dominant wrestling to set up his submissions in jiu jitsu. He also holds the record for the latest submission finish at 0:01.

George Saint-Pierre

In his Welterweight Championship run, for 5 years, he made 9 consecutive title defenses but got rid of the belt due to too many people using performance-enhancing drugs. Three years later, he returned to fight Michael Bisping for the Middleweight Championship and successfully defeated him via Rear Naked Choke. In that fight, he rocked Bisping multiple times and threw ground and pound to put Bisping on his back to get the RNC. He has wins over Matt Hughes x2, prime BJ Penn x2, Sean Sherk, Josh Koscheck, and Johnny Hendricks.

Jon Jones

Even though Jon Jones has gotten into a lot of controversy with the law and multiple failed drug tests, he’s still one of the greatest fighters in MMA. He was undefeated until he fought Hamill. In that fight he dominated, but he began to throw 12-6 elbows which are illegal, the result of this fight ended in a disqualification win for Hamill. For his whole career he has been dominating, he was the youngest fighter to become a champion ever. He’s beaten people like Alexander Gustaffason x2, the new Light Heavyweight Champion Glover Teixeira, Lyoto Machida, and Anthony Smith.

What is your opinion on the Greatest Pound for Pound Fighter? Is it Jon Jones, GSP, or Khabib? To me, it is Demetrious Johnson, this guy ran the flyweight division that Dana White wanted it gone. (AMAZING)

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