If you google “charger” the first thing you’ll probably find is some kind of car. As you know I’m more of a train person so we’ll be talking about the other type of charger. You know, the type of charger you use to power your phone. That charger! Not the other charger.

Anyway, chargers are things that charge electronic devices that have rechargeable batteries. You usually plug the charger into an electrical outlet and the other side into your device. This gives the device power, and uh, lets you use the device. This makes having a charger kind of important, and some people even get anxious when they are unable to charge their phone or their phone isn’t fully charged. This is an understandable concern, as I too get very anxious when I am unable to check on my Clash of Clans base every 17 minutes.

Chargers come in different shapes and sizes. It’s all in an attempt to perform what is known as a “capitalism.” A “capitalism” is when a big corporation incorporates a feature in a product that is designed to make more money. Usually, pulling a capitalism is pretty bad for the consumer, but there is simply nothing they can do to stop it from happening. This happens with chargers as well. There are many different types of chargers, even though we could all be using one type of charger. You need a different charger for your laptop and you need a different charger for your smart blender so that you have to give the laptop company, and the smart blender company your money.

This is a juicer, not a blender

You may have been noticing that technology companies have started to exclude chargers from being packed in with their products. I’m mainly talking about phones. The idea is supposedly to “save plastic and extra packaging” for something people already have. It’s supposed to try to appeal to the environmentalist side of a person. Of course, big companies like Apple don’t care about people or the environment. It’s just so that they can make you buy a charger separately, giving them more money.

Ironically, the chargers purchased separately usually come with more unnecessary packaging than usual, since after all, they come in their own separate box. All Apple has to do is invest in Ziploc bags…

There are actually several ways you can charge or power a device other than the typical, boring, horrible, tangly mess that is a wired charger. There is such a called wireless charger that allows you to charge your phone by placing it on a pad, which technically doesn’t involve wires. The pads are powered by some battery pack, and the more you think about how these work the more you realize how dumb this stuff sounds.

Firstly, these things cost money, and I hate money. Wireless chargers cost like, double the cost of a wired charger. Secondly, these things cost mo—wait I already went over this. Secondly, wireless chargers have been found to charge slower than wired chargers. This probably doesn’t matter too much since people charge their stuff overnight (which is also not very good for the health of the phone’s battery, but that’s another thing). Thirdly, these things are stupid.

That seems like a great place to end this week’s blog post. Remember to like comment and subscribe!

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