Worst Fighters That Have Fought in MMA

In this blog, I’ll be writing about some of the worst fighters ever, like Kimbo Slice, CM Punk, and DaDA 5000.

Kenneth Allen

Kenneth Allen’s record is terrifying to look at, his record is 1-41. His 1 win of 42 fights, was via Rear Naked Choke against Cory Simpson. I’d cry every day if I was submitted by someone that was 1-41. His career started in 2005 with 3 fights and losing all of them, and his career ended in 2020 with one fight and losing it. He has only gone further than the second round 5 times in his 42 fights. He was submitted 31 times and TKO’ed 8 times. Such a sad career for Kenneth Allen.

Dhafir Harris(DaDa 5000)

Even though he has a 2-0-1 record, he is still a terrible fighter. The reason he is a terrible fighter is that he’s a street fighter, he doesn’t have good striking, no grappling, and he has a terrible gas tank, the only thing he might be good at, is gassing himself out and wildly swinging. He’s actually faced Kimbo Slice in Bellator, and in that fight, he had a cardiac arrest and was escorted to the hospital.

Joe Son

Joe Son’s MMA record is 0-4. His body is in absolute peak male form at 5’4 236 lbs, absolute unit. His 2 accomplishments are somehow being a blackbelt in taekwondo and being the founder of a nonexistent martial art “Jo Son Do”. In his first fight he was submitted, after that, he got a role in “Austin Powers: International Mystery”. He returned to go on to lose 3 more fights and call it a career. I hope to be a prodigy in the best nonexistent martial art “Jo Son Do”.

Bob Sapp

Bob Sapp is 24-39, at least he has more wins than Kenneth Allen. Bob Sapp was a former football player standing in at 6’5 350 lbs. Fun fact, he called out Mike Tyson after a win and the fight was almost materialized but sadly fell apart. Sapp would definitely knock Mike Tyson out in one single round. He also got TKO’ed by a kickboxer almost half his size.

Kimbo Slice

With a not-so-good record, Kimbo Slice is 5-4-1. He went up against Ken Shamrock and somehow knocked him out. Kimbo Slice is exactly like DaDa 5000, streetfighter, terrible striker, terrible wrestler, and terrible conditioning. As I said earlier, he faced Dada 5000, the two had the movement of zombies and threw haymakers with no power or speed behind them.


Yes, the longest-reigning champion in the WWE fought in the UFC. With an astonishing record of 0-1-0, 1NC, he is CM PUNK. He fought his first fight in the UFC in 2016 on UFC 203 against Mickey Gall, which he lost via submission. His last fight was in 2018 on UFC 225 against Mike Jackson, in this fight, he was dominated, his strikes were doubled and his takedowns went 1/9. His fight against Mike Jackson was overturned this year and overturned into a no contest. He is often regarded as the GOAT(because he is) in the MMA community.

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