Greatest Fights in MMA History

In this blog, I will be reviewing the greatest fights or rounds that have happened in the years of MMA. There will be fights like Adesanya vs Gastelum, Diaz vs Daley, Whittaker vs Romero 2, and Holloway vs Kattar.

Max Holloway putting a massacre on Calvin Kattar for 5 consistent rounds

Strikeforce:Diaz vs Daley

This fight is often regarded to as one of the greatest one round fights ever. In the first round, both of these guys got hit with heavy shots and got knocked down. These warriors never stopped striking, even though they are both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts they only went on the ground to rain down ground and pound. at the end of the round with less than 20 seconds left, Nick Diaz hit Paul Daley with a big shot that caused Daley to fall due to being unbalanced, Nick Diaz then went on to get the finishing shots on the ground to win the fight.

UFC 236 Co-Main Adesanya vs Gastelum

This fight was for the Interim Middleweight Championship, the winner would face Robert Whittaker for the Middleweight Championship.This fight is one of the best because both men were stunned but only Gastelum was knocked down 4 times. These fighters gave each other absolute beatings with a combined 200 significant strikes. Gastelum was hit with counters and clean strikes that knocked him down, and Israel Adesanya was stunned with a head kick. In the end it was Adesanya who won the Interim Championship and went on the knockout Robert Whittaker to capture real gold.

UFC 225:Whittaker vs Romero

The Middleweight Champion at the time and the now Bellator Fighter, Robert Whittaker vs Yoel Romero headlined the main event of UFC 225. This fight was supposed to be a championship bout and Robert Whittakers first title defense, but Yoel Romero had missed weight by 2 ounces.Even though it wasn’t a championship fight, these two still put on one of the greatest fights the world has seen. With non-stop action, Yoel Romero had knocked down Robert Whittaker twice and Robert Whittaker rocking Romero with head kicks. People think this fight was a robbery because Romero landed more strikes and knockdowns but Whittaker outstruck him in significant strikes. Personally, I think that Whittaker easily won rounds 1, 2, and 4, in the fourth round Whittaker was dominating a recovering Romero. What makes it one of the greatest fights is the back and forth action, the fans loved it.

UFC on ABC: Holloway vs Kattar

This fight was so lopsided, the scorecards were crazy, 50-43, 50-43, 50-42. Holloway had landed 445 significant strikes which is the record for most strikes in a UFC fight ever. Kattar suffered a broken nose and 8 stitches in his scalp. This is the biggest beatdown anyone has seen. For 25 minutes straight, Max Holloway did not stop punching. Max Holloway’s volume and striking is the greatest in the UFC for sure. Dana White the president of the UFC, said the fight should’ve been stopped in the fourth round and Kattar should be escorted to the hospital immediately. Many fans wonder why Kattar’s corner didn’t stop the fight.

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