There are many ways you can choose to move around this world. As technology advances, some forms of transportation become more or less practical, and there may be completely new types of transportation for you to use in the future!

Trains are, objectively, the best moving object the world currently offers. Its greatness can only be compared to a door. Trains are elegantly designed, and also like doors, they also have several variations. There are trains made to be fast, and there are trains made to be sturdy. Trains are quite possibly, the greatest form of expression and communication that humans have ever come up with.

Trains can be used to transport cargo on land, as well as people, also on land. I tried riding a train into the water, and it almost worked. A helicopter came and took us to our destination but the train was totaled. So clearly, trains are one of the most effective forms of transportation in all landscapes (or waterscapes?).

You were probably first familiarized with trains by playing with toy trains as a child. If you haven’t played with a toy train in your life, you must be miserable. Toy trains are the universal symbol of pure joy and happiness. The best part about toy trains is that they aren’t just a model trains, like a toy car. You also have train tracks that come WITH your toy train. This allows you to make creative railroads that you can have your toy train run along. The main downside is that you still had to use your hand to move the train.

However, now, in the future, this is no longer an issue! There now exist toy trains powered by batteries, which move their wheels by themselves! Now, toy-train-purists may oppose these electric trains, but in my opinion, this increases the magic of a toy train. Pushing a toy train with human power erases the sense of independence that a train is supposed to have. These “electrical” toy trains are actually powered by batteries usually. Although I would invest in a rechargeable Thomas the Tank engine.

It’s impossible to bring up trains and ignore the famous and glorious, Thomas the Tank Engine. Which came first? The show or the toys? Scientists struggle to answer this question to this day. Either way, nobody cares to find out the answer anyway, since everything to do with Thomas is amazing. What can I say? He’s a Thomas, a tank, and an engine! You probably have at least one Thomas toy in your house. If you think you don’t, check under the couch cushions, in the trash can, and when in doubt, you always have at least a couple of Thomas the Tank Engines in your basement. Don’t ask why. This is just how the world works.

You’ve almost made it to the end of the blog post! There are 3 main things I want you to take away from reading this:

  1. Trains are the best form of transportation
  2. Toy trains are the best form of imaginary transportation
  3. Thomas the train is the best form of emotional transportation

I mean if you’re not crying already from the sheer awesomeness from trains, you have no feelings. I’ll leave off here so you have time to yourself to shed some tears of joy.


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