The Promised Neverland !!

Anime and Kdramas


Hi welcome! This is my third blog post! In this blog post I will be talking about an anime called the promised neverland! Also known as tpn for short!


This anime talks about these kids growing up in one house in a really big field for their entire lives.

The main characters are: Isabella, Emma, Ray, Norman, Don, Gilda, Connie, Anna, Nat, Lani, Thoma, Alicia, Chris, Rossi, Yvette, Dominic, Jemina, and Mark.

The place their living in is not infinite space. Its called a plant, which the bosses there train mothers to help the kids grow up while living in one big house. The kids don’t know about the mom not being their actual birth mom. The name of the mother that takes care of the kids is called Isabella. The only child she gave birth to is Ray.

ヾ| ̄ー ̄|ノ

(spoiler alert!!)

They were living a normal day…

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