Lakers have made some interesting free agency moves this off season making this one of the weirdest Lakers rosters ever and one of the weirdest teams in the league coming into this season.

New signings

Of the 15 players currently on the team 8 of them weren’t on the team last season which is over half the roster! The player currently on the team that has played the most seasons with the Lakers is Lebron James with only 3 seasons. With so many new guys coming on to the team, in the beginning of the season they are surely going to struggle with chemistry issues on the court during games against teams that have been together for longer with more chemistry. Of the 8 players, they acquired 1 of them being former MVP Russel Westbrook who last season averaged 22.2 points last season and a triple-double for the fourth time in his career when nobody else has done it more than once. Although Russel Westbrook is a great player he is very ball dominant and likes to play like a one man team which I don’t think will mesh well with Lebron James’s playstyle because he makes the team create more ball movement until there is an open shot or he will drive the ball to the hoop whereas Russell Westbrook has trouble shooting from the 3-point line so he prefers drives to the basket or take a mid-range shot in most of his possessions. Two other signings were former big-name players that have kinda fallen off now, former All NBA players Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony that they will pair along side their dynamic duo Anthony Davis and Lebron James.

Lakers 2021-2022 roster

Age concerns

Half of the team’s roster being changed isn’t even the weirdest thing about this team coming into the season, it’s the age of players on this team. The average age of an NBA player is 26 years old but the Lakers, however, have an average age of 31 years old making them the team with the oldest average age of players in the league this season. Now with age, these players are that they are undoubtedly the most experienced and most accomplished team in the league but, I feel like they will have trouble keeping up with more high paced teams down the stretch of games in crunch time and adapting to the playstyles of younger, faster, and stronger players in an ever-changing league. Another thing about this team being so old that the majority of the players probably won’t be playing together on this team for more then 3 seasons which means that because of their lack of longevity they will probably have to rebuild within the next 3-4 seasons.

Let me know what you think of the Lakers’ free agency moves and if you think they will win the Championship this year in the comments of this post. Also please click the link to check out my other blog posts about the NBA here it updates weekly: torianbennett13 Also this is the site I get my statistics from: | Stats 

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