Monday is widely regarded as the worst day of the week, which is an understandable consensus, as it’s the beginning of the workweek and the school week, and thus the beginning of having to deal with several responsibilities with several more days ahead of you. However, I believe that Sunday, the day before Monday, is as bad, if not, worse than Monday. I will present many “facts” (definitely not opinions and things I made up) to prove such.


Sunday is directly before Monday (or is Monday directly after Sunday?), so the effects of Monday are also present during Sunday as well, but it can actually be worse because you’re constantly dreading what’s to come of the next day. Despite being a weekend, Sunday just feels like a Monday, before Monday. So you have to live through Monday twice in a sense.

Sunday finds its way into Monday, even if you try to ignore it. Not only are there the mental preparations you must make, but there are also the physical preparations you must make in order to be ready for Monday. Finishing neglected homework, charging neglected tablets, and doing other neglected chores. It’s an insult of a weekend because you’re still working during it anyway.

Are you still unconvinced that Sunday is objectively as horrible as Monday? Take a look at this never before seen, undeniable proof! (With a couple exceptions.)

The names of each day have the same suffix of “day,” with the prefixes varying in length. Tuesday has 4 letters, Wednesday has an uncountable amount of letters (trust me I’ve tried before), Thursday has 4 letters, and Saturday has 5 letters in its prefix. However, Sunday and Monday have 3 letters in their prefix. This cannot be a coincidence.

Now you may be asking, “Where is Friday?” “Doesn’t that also have 3 letters?” This is a question that humans have been wondering for decades, possibly even millennia. Sadly we have no answer for you, mainly because I failed to think of a clever response within the deadline for this blog post. So I’m going to have to ask you to sign this handy dandy imaginary non-disclosure agreement. Tell nobody that this happened.

Finally, we need to talk about the order of the days, and Sunday and Monday are at the root of the problem.

Which would you say is the beginning of the week? Sunday or Monday? In the United States, it is considered to be Sunday, but some calendars still put Monday first, although most put Sunday first (from left to right). There are many places that recognize Monday as the first day of the week as well. If you research this topic a lot you’ll find that almost every article about this will cite the International Organization for Standardization’s ISO 8601 standard for this. The people honestly deserve complete consistency to not cause these misunderstandings, but the situation is already pretty good to begin with.

That’s it.
There is no complaining for the ending.
No silly outro.
Just a little bit of positivity.
Thanks for reading!


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