I have learned a lot this year especially due to the fact that I endured distance learning. The first skill I learned was time management. This is very important since I find myself procrastinating often when I am home. Therefore, I had to devise a schedule every day in order for me to get work done. Usually, I put little intervals on my calendar during the day for me to get my work done. I also learned to relax a little bit, this may seem counter intuitive, however, during distance learning I realized that sometimes there are situations that I can’t do nothing about, and that its okay to take a breather every once in awhile. I also learned to be resourceful, since communication in distance learning can be quite tricky. Therefore, I have to uses such as Khan Academy. This helps me catch up on concept that I am having trouble on. For example, if i was having trouble on exponential functions I’ll try to find a video about it on Khan Academy. I also learned more about myself as well during this school year. For example, i learned that I am a visual and auditory learner, which why I sometimes have a hard learning from a book. I also learned that there is a lot of useful videos that can help with science, history, and math on YouTube. Finally, I also learned that I tend to burn out after a couple of weeks after the start of the quarter or semester due to me being stressed.

Congratulations on finishing this school year!!

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