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If I am going to be honest I did not really learn much except for in history because the rest of my classes seemed like review from the year before. Plus really just being alive and being able to understand what has been happening over the past year has really taught me more than school. Like the fact that not all people are nice and think about others. Especially when they have power like the president because they think they are better than everybody. This year has been a real experience for everyone right now but I feel that soon we will be able to go back to a relatively normal life with the exception of a new disease that we have to watch out for at all times. Soon I hope to go back to normal with my karate as well just because its a really enjoyable experience plus i get to hit people some days so that’s pretty fun too. To be honest right now I’m running out of ideas so here are some songs that I like to listen to while studying. 1. Mask 2. Can’t the future just wait. Um well that is all that I really can think of to post about soooo i guess that I should close out now. Welp that’s it I hope you enjoyed this post (for some reason) and I will see you next post BAIIIII. Hold up one more thing I forgot to mention if this is the last post of the school year I would just like the wish everyone a good and happy summer ok for real now BAIIII.

Ok I promise that this is the last thing but here is a cool video to introduce you to a professional team called sentinels for valorant. Here it is

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