What you’ve learned over the past year

How I’ve changed over the year is by a couple things. For one I have started to think in the way of, “If you want to do something just do it, because you only live once and shouldn’t be scared to try new things”. I’ve changed this because I was always too afraid to try new things like for example going on amusement park rides that go upside down super high in the air or watching scary movies that may leave you up at night for a week or more. One of my rides too was the thought of it breaking on your ride and you fly off or something bad happens. Or this one where the ride snaps in half also where two people died and dozens were injured which makes the thought sometimes worse.

Pendulum ride at Indian amusement park snaps in half and two people plummet  to their deaths | National Post

I have also been taking my work more seriously like trying to get my work in on time and just do things better in general. I have also been focusing more on getting a gaming channel up and running. I have also been trying to get into engineering and circuit boards but I still need to make some changes in that plan like when and how to do it. I’ve been skateboarding for fun and just to help my balance but at least I like doing it so I don’t have to worry about hating it. I have also been practicing doing Ollies and Kickflips and have been sort of halfway successful.

Pin by Myke Berry on Your boards | Skate gif, Skate, Skateboard

Another thing that has changed is my height. I have grown more than two inches and have gotten a tiny, tiny, tiny bit less childish than before which is maybe good, I don’t know. And finally here’s one of my favorite videos from a youtuber I watch, hope you enjoyed reading.

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