I have learned that I like poetry.
That I like writing poetry.

I have learned some things, mostly that I chose the wrong subject.

I have learned that blogging is boring.
A boring process that drolls on without light.
I should have chosen Youtubing.
I had 0 fun or enjoyment writing these.
An absolutely awful time.
Not much was gained or lost, except for my time.
Blogging was genuinely un-fun.

I guess I've learned that blogging is not a fun process.

I would have much rather spent my time watching YouTube or playing video games.
I'm drawing blanks on what to type, 
because I didn't learn much

Maybe I learned how to use Audacity or Windows Movie Maker, but there are far better services out there than those.

I would have much rather spent my time learning how to use Adobe Premiere Pro than typing out boring words on a screen that practically nobody will read.

What an awful expenditure of my time.

Watching the Youtuber intros filled me with regret and a sudden epiphany:
I could've just played video games and do what I love,
instead of sitting here and writing these.

These time-sinks.
These batches and trays of incoherent thoughts roughly pieced together to try and make a coherent sentence.
250 words is in sight, and the light at the end of the tunnel is near.
Nobody will read this.
Or at least, practically nobody.

I wonder if I should start wrenching on cars.
I think that would be very fun. 
I think it could teach me something very useful and practical.


  1. I like how you wrote this blog and I agree with what you have said because it could be boring at some times.


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