Despite the uptick in cases of the coronavirus, California still has some of the lowest rates in the nation. California became the first place in the US to issue shelter in place orders when it issued them on March 19. Residents were asked to stay home and only go to essential businesses, such as the grocery store, hospitals, or pharmacies during the height of the storm. The fall and the winter has led to a large number of survivors who have been protected against the coronavirus and COVID-19 due to the new COVID-19 vaccines. There are currently 3 major vaccines from different brands which are Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J. These are all vector viral mRNA vaccines. Instead of having a weakened or dead virus to trigger a immune response, they just teach our cells to make an actual protein using the mRNA in the vaccines. Viral vector vaccines use a different virus to give instructions to our cells. The benefit of viral vector vaccines is those who gain immunity without ever having to get the serious symptoms of getting infected with COVID-19. Viral vectors were created in the 1970s. They have since been used in vaccines and other studies such as gene therapy, treating cancer, and research for molecular biology. Hundreds of scientific studies have been conducted on viral vector vaccines. Some of these vaccines have been used to prevent diseases. This shows that that the technology behind the vaccine is helping become a lot more effective, and also helping us gain immunity, which eventually leads to herd immunity, which can explain why California is doing better when it comes to COVID-19.

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