Today we will be talking about St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is about Saint Patrick, who was born in Roman Britain. He was kidnapped and enslaved and was brought to Ireland at age 16. He later escaped but he returned to Ireland and brought Christianity to the people of Ireland. Many legends about him include how he drove snakes out of Ireland. Following his death, the legend of St. Patrick became more prevalent. He explained the Holy Trinity using the leaves of a native Irish clover.. Emigrants from Ireland and the US turned St. Patrick’s Day into a secular celebration of Irish culture. Many Irish immigrants, who often had political power, participated in the festivities.

In 1737, Boston hosted its first parade while New York City held its first in 1762. Wearing the green is a popular Irish expression. Many non-Irish individuals also participate in this tradition. Various other traditions are associated with the occasion.

Since around the 9th century, Irish people have celebrated the Roman Catholic feast day of Saint Patrick. On March 17, 1601, a parade was held in what is now Florida’s St. Augustine. The event was organized by Ricardo Artur, the Spanish colony’s vicar. On March 17, 1772, hundreds of Irish soldiers marched in New York City to honor the saint. Over the next 35 years, Irish-American pride grew among immigrants. This led to the rise of so-called Irish Aid societies. Each group would organize its own parade, with bands and drums. The bagpipes would first become popular during the Scottish and British armies. The annual event, which draws over 150,000 participants, is the largest parade in the US. It also happens to be the world’s oldest civilian parade.

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