Hello everyone, today I will talk about whether or not I think Schools should remain closed or open.

I personally think that schools should open, but not at full capacity just yet. The reason for this is because I think that students that don’t need any special services from school such as an IEP, direct access to reduced or free lunches shouldn’t go to school immediately. In-person learning can help students that require these services since it might be a struggle for them during distance learning.

However, I do think students who don’t require these services shouldn’t come back to school immediately, but at a more gradual rate over time. This can help protect students from being exposed to COVID-19 since it still helps to be cautious. However, I don’t see the point of returning back to school due to the fact its almost the end of the school year anyways

However, a lot of students are already returning back to school. For the most part this remains true for schools in California. This is the result of the COVID vaccine, since a lot of people are getting immunity to the virus, which is helping control the pandemic, and could even help us come back to school in the fall.

As I previously said, I think we should come back to school in the fall, because by then the pandemic will probably dies out, due to rapid rate of how many people are getting the COVID-19 vaccine. In conclusion, I think students should continue going back to school in a gradual rate, and then in then in fall we can all got back to class!

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