My plans for Spring break are quite simple: I plan on staying home due to COVID-19. The reason for this is because there is a pandemic going on, and I think it is safer if I stay home. Even though the thought of hanging out with friends is tempting, it is simply not worth it and I think its a better choice in the long run.

While staying home, I might play some video games, catch up on some anime, or maybe even just read a book. The main reason for this is because I think social distancing is key because I really want to go to school next year for the 9th grade. Most students couldn’t go to school this year due to the pandemic. This affected a lot of kids mentally, socially, and even academically since we have to do all of our learning at home.

The risks of not staying at home is extremely vast because, you can catch the virus and end up sick. You might also spread it to other people such as friends or family. You might develop pneumonia caused by the damage to your lungs which can cause you to end up on a ventilator to help you breathe. In addition, people who end up on a ventilator usually can’t live without it after that. If you do catch COVID-19 but you don’t experience any symptoms, you still have to fully quarantine yourself without contact with other people for 14 days to stop you from spreading the virus.

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