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To be honest I haven’t really been watching the news lately but I heard that we might have to start getting third doses of the Vaccine to prepare our bodies for any of the variants that might make their way to America. It seems to me that the COVID situation is getting a little bit better right now since more people are getting the vaccine. I also heard that scientists predict another wave of covid though it might not be as bad since (in my opinion) we have a better president right now we might be more prepared and be smarter about it. I really think that even if the next wave has mutations or is stronger (which I feel is really the same thing when if comes to illnesses) we will be better prepared and better equipped. I recently heard that people in my age group can start getting the vaccine too now so that is pretty cool but it might interfere with any extracurricular activities that you might have because I hear the shot makes you really tired and weak. That’s all the new information I can give you (if you didn’t already know this stuff) I hope you enjoyed reading this post (for some reason) and I hope to see you guys in the next one BAI. Oh wait one more thing orenji music’s remixed of Friday night funkin songs are really good so you should check if out if you needed something to listen too while working… Well ok that is really it now BAI.

Left song or right song? Tell me in comments if u want.

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  1. If the next waves happen and it becomes even stronger, I think everyone with the 1st dose of the vaccine will be feeling decent if they catch the new wave.


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