Novel coronavirus, COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2 as you know has ravaged the earth for two long years now, and is finally coming to a well-deserved end.

California and its governor, Gavin Newsom have tried to keep its numbers down, which they have performed spectacularly. California’s cases had a hard spike, but we recuperated from it and returned to relatively low cases.

The mandate of masks and release of Pfizer vaccines have all contributed to this, but not nearly as much as the cooperation and unification of the state.

Its citizens came together under a united cause and succeeded in their efforts to lower the cases and put the state where it is now.

an incredible amount of deaths 
deaths that will not be forgotten
deaths of those whose souls may live forever
but were lost
due to the incompetence
the sheer lack of 
of the administration

The citizens of California must push through and reopen our businesses, undo the wrath of coronavirus, and return to what was.

under this new light
we will shine
break through
we will arise and regain
regain our footing
and come back
return to what was
what will be
and what will forever be

“We have the resources, the will, to make these hours count!”

Dennis Bateman
we will survive
we are nearing the end of the tunnel
humans will stand steadfast
and persevere through these times to get back
what we lost

Stand strong, citizens. The hard times will be over shortly.

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