Hello, welcome back to another blog written by a student! Today we’ll be talking about sports, are you interested in them? If so, sit back and enjoy my little rant about them.

Mapping March Madness in Illinois — Cloudpoint Geospatial

There are many sports, there are so many things that revolve around it. People play sports because they enjoy it and it’s their passion. Some people just play for fun because why not. When taking a sport seriously, teamwork is one of the most important things. Without teamwork, why even bother being on a team that’s needed to work with others? It will only harm your social standards and possibly the others around you. A team is nothing without communication and connection. I’m not saying that you all have to be best friends, but communication is very important.

Now, I’m not someone who knows a lot about sports. Though, I’m very interested in them. I’d never take one seriously myself because I’d only drag down my team and others. Being competitive is a lot of people’s reasons for playing a certain sport. I happen to know a lot about volley ball, mainly because of the popular anime called Haikyuu!

If you’re somebody who enjoys mainstream anime’s, you’ve probably heard of this one. I personally love it and all the details in depth of Volleyball it goes into. It really brings out the passion players can have when playing on the court. Anyway, this isn’t about anime. This is about sports. When I used to play a lot of sports in Elementary school, I used to be very competitive and would literally challenge anybody in any sport if they thought of themselves higher than me. How about you guys? Do you guys ever get that feeling?

Anyway, that’s it for this blog post. Thank you for reading, it was a pleasure to write for you once again. Stay safe and have a good day!

Mou Ikkai! — Remember that time in haikyuu S2 EP24 there was an...

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