Hello welcome back to another blog written by a student writer! Today we’ll be covering a topic that’s been talked about for a while, especially right now. So sit back and enjoy!

The 5 Best & 5 Worst Anime Schools Of All Time | CBR

Now today we’ll be talking about school opening or closing, and I’ll be explaining my opinion and side of this whole thing and how I feel about it. Within this matter, there are many pros and cons about staying with digital learning and going back to physical school. Let’s go over them real quickly. Covid cases have been an on and off thing, it hasn’t been the most consistent infection. Which is the reason why I hesitate about this matter. Sometimes the cases go really high then really low, it’s confusing.

Schools reopening can be a good and bad thing. So, let me just be straight about this. I don’t think this is the best time for students to return to the classrooms. For many reasons, one being that it’s still extremely dangerous and risky. Having a mask and staying clean may be good cautions but, it won’t stop someone from getting infected completely. I understand why they’re reopening schools at this time, as the year is about to end. And they’d like to give a chance for students to see others for the last days of the year. But, even if they’re trying to give a chance it is pointless.

Even though digital learning can harm our social interactions and development, it’s the best option. As it will keep us safe. That’s the main problem with online schooling, it’s harmful to the students’ social development. School closure was the safest and best option there was, especially here in California. As the cases change every day, it’s never too harmful to be cautious. That’s my opinion on this whole matter. If you wish to attend physical school, go ahead. Just be careful and make sure that’s what you really want.

Thank you for reading, it was a pleasure writing for you again! Stay safe and have a good rest of your week.

Anime Classroom Painting - Photoshop + Blender3D - YouTube

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