Hello people! Today we will be talking about sports. You’re probably wondering which sport I’m going to be talking about today. Well, today we’re there will be several different sports in this one post! Neat, isn’t it?

American Football

I was very disappointed when I first began to watch football. There were fewer feet and ball action than I was hoping for. Instead, players throw and carry the ball with their hands. There is the occasional foot-ball contact, but, it’s not very common. Also, the ball doesn’t even look like a ball. Balls are supposed to be round and bouncy. The football is some kind of cone-cylinder-pyramid mish-mash. It’s pointy on the sides! I saw this really funny ad about shampoo on a football channel, though, so 6/10.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is when you play hockey on ice. Players hold golf clubs hockey sticks and try to get the puck inside the goal. The puck is a circle but it’s not a ball either. It’s flat, so it slides everywhere, which is good when you’re playing a game on ice. I’m a huge fan of the hockey puck because it reminds me of an Oreo cookie (as they are usually black). Since everybody likes ice and cookies, I’ll give ice hockey an 8/10.


Basketball will be the final sport I will be rating. You attempt to shoot an orange or brown ball at your opponents’ hoop, which is located above the players on each side of the court. Nobody knows where the “basket” part comes from. A feature unique to basketball, unlike every other sport, is the ability to actually score points. Both teams can score more than 100 points per match which is practically unheard of in any other game.

3/10, not enough ads.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this blog post, which is mostly just a joke. See you next time!

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