Many of you may or may not watch the NBA, but for those of you who do, you guys probably saw the 2021 NBA dunk contest that was held not too long ago, in March. The winner was Anfernee Simmons, who beat Obi topping 3-2. The dunk that most people think got him the win was where he was performing a dunk, in which he nearly KISSED the rim, yes you read that right nearly KISSED the rim. Initially the judges who were Dominique Wilkins, Spud Webb, Jason Richardson, Dee Brown and Josh Smith, didn’t know if he “kissed” the rim or not until after the dunk where Simmons blew a kiss towards the rim. More news for the NBA is that Marcus smart is serving a one game suspension without pay for allegedly using “threatening language toward a game official”. This all happened during and after the Celtics’ 119-115 loss to Oklahoma City Thunder on April 27th at TD Garden. He will serve his suspension when the Celtics play host to the Charlotte Hornetts at TD Garden. For all of you Stephen Curry fans like myself, he has broke the record for most 3-pointers in a single month with 83 triplets this month in April, which broke the record that was held by James Harden which was 82. With two games left to play this April he has a pretty good chance at knocking down the 100 triplets. There is a reason he is called one of the if not the best shooter in NBA history. Curry is now averaging 31.3 points per game to lead the NBA

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