Here is a quick video I made on spring break

My plans for spring break would probably to relax and hang out with friends online but I will most likely by doing lots of house chores. There is not much else to talk about my plans I might ride my bike a little bit but that’s it. Also I don’t know why teachers want to know what we do over out breaks because I personally would assume the children would have been gaming or texting all throughout the break. Honestly I believe that what the students do during the breaks would not really change because most kids are on their games most of the time right after school. Not that I would know anything about that hahaha… But in all honesty spring break might not be the most exiting for me or other people unless a really cool update drops for a game that people like or a new game gets announced out of nowhere. Though I really hope I can have some relaxing time during this spring break and not a whole bunch of chores like previous years. This year has been really weird and complicated but I hope at least this will be somewhat normal not only for us students but for parents as well because I know how much stress they have been going through these past months. Well I hope that you had a good time reading this (for some reason) and I will see you guys next pose.

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