One thing before we get started this is my favorite holiday because one I grew up watching a irish guy for entertainment and two green is my favorite color if you feel comfortable with it please tell me if you have these things in common with me. Now to the actual post I really think having braces during St. Patrick’s day is helpful because you can just get green rubber bands and boom you are immune to all future St. Patrick’s days. But to be honest this is really my favorite holiday other than Christmas, and you may be asking why I like Christmas (for some reason) well its obvious free stuff I don’t have to work for like the other things I have in life. Another quick question have u guys heard of or watched this movie series called leprechaun if not you should though it is a scary series but it’ll probably be fine. If you have not noticed already these last blog post have been a little bit long and mostly off topic but its really just a way for me to talk when I cant really be online with my friends. Also because it’s part of the assignment (but we wont talk about that for now). But here is the trailer for the first leprechaun movie and then the link to the irish guy I mentioned earlier. But that is the end of this post I hope that you enjoyed this post (for some reason) and I will see you next post.


  1. You did really well! I liked how you gave a to of detail. Do you know where I could watch the show you mentioned?


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