School Opening or Closing

I think schools should open up this spring for people who want or need to go. As a student I know what most kids will and won’t do. So sure, things can happen like not proper social distancing but with teachers there it shouldn’t be a problem. They can be put in different small groups so it is easier for the students to focus and for the teachers to help.

In-Person vs Virtual / In-Person vs Virtual Learning

Though at the same time I know that kids can’t be trusted. They are very untrustworthy and ignorant at times, not caring about the dangers of certain things. Even for how long we have been dealing with this virus some are still not taking it seriously and maybe even still not believing it is real. And yes, this can be adults too but most kids also just want to hangout with their friends and talk and act how they normally acted which can be dangerous still, but with the right precautions, awareness, and staff I think it would be very safe.

On the other hand though distance learning is much safer because you don’t have the risk of going to schools which are dirty already and you have the chance of getting the virus and bringing it home to your family or whoever you may live with. There is the chance of getting it already but with the factor of going to school with other kids even while wearing masks you can carry it home which is just as bad or even worse because then you don’t know where you got it from or you will know when it’s too late.

Dirty school conditions spark concern |
photo of a dirty school segment


  1. I dont really agree with that just because it would be better to do that for a whole year rather than just a month.


  2. Do you have any evidence to follow up that kids are very non-trustworthy?
    Are you also including yourself?


  3. I also agree with the fact that there should be small groups, but why do you think that students are untrustworthy?


  4. It is true that there are adults who are still not taking the virus seriously. Do you like in-person or virtual school more?


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