(Student Writer)Should Schools Re-open?

Should Schools Re-Open? That’s a question everyone has been asking. Now I personally think that the schools shouldn’t re-open strictly due too one reason, which is Covid-19. As you all know Covid-19 can be an extremely deadly virus, that has taken the lives of at least 562k people in the United States alone. Even though California’s Covid-19 cases are going down, I don’t think we should risk re-opening schools which can cause the cases to go higher and risk more people being infected. The only reason I say schools should not re-open is because everyone can see how easily and quickly this virus can spread, and a classroom with even one person with Covid-19 puts everyone at risk. Now if school’s do re-open everyone should get vaccinated, and wear a mask at all times and take it off only when needed. Another thing is there should be only a certain amount of people in a class room so the risk of being infected goes down. Something else that people should be mandated to do is the desks should be 6-feet apart also while people are waiting in line for lunch they should be 6-feet apart. Something we should do while students are in school, is it should be recommend they use hand sanitizer before entering the classroom, also before they sit down they should wipe their desk with a wipe. I also think that over the weekend the whole school should be deeply cleansed in order to keep a clean and safe environment for staff and students.


  1. I mostly agree with you. If people get vaccinated and the classrooms are clean, it should be pretty safe. Do you plan on going back to school soon?

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