People are conflicted on whether schools should reopen or stay closed this spring. Some say that it’s still unsafe for students to go back, while others think going back is crucial and outweighs the risks. Let’s view points from both arguments today.

Why schools shouldn’t reopen

There are several arguements that schools are still unsafe to reopen, however I have noticed that these seem to be relatively uncommon to find recently. That is to say that many of these arguments were made several months ago, and since then there have been many advancements in COVID-19 safety.

  1. Children can bring home the virus and infect those more susceptible.

The idea is that even if children are less susceptible to COVID-19, they could still potentially spread it to other people. It’s a pretty self-explanatory statement.

2. Playgrounds

Playgrounds and play places could be an issue as many kids play and use the same equipment. Furthermore, where’s the fun if children can’t even play at all?

3. Using the restroom

This one is the same idea as the previous point. Students have to use the bathroom sometimes, and everybody is using the same couple of toilets.

Why schools should reopen

I’ve found a lot more resources on why schools should reopen. They are much more recent, and come from some notable sources, such as the CDC and healthline.

  1. Schools are ready to reopen and have many ways to prevent the spread of Covid.

The idea is that schools now have many prevention strategies that can be used so that reopening can be safe. Vaccinations, mask usage, and physical distancing are all precautions that schools can take.

2. Students may fall behind during distance learning

There are many concerns that students aren’t getting an adequate amount of attention and are falling behind in their academics. Getting students back as soon as possible so they can catch up is crucial.

3. Students’ mental health may decline

There are just as many concerns about students’ academics as there are about students’ mental health during distance learning. They may be experiencing anxiety or depression from social isolation.

This topic has proven to be one of the most controversial topics of the pandemic. Schools already are reopening around the world, or are planning to reopen. I suppose only time will tell how long it’ll be until all schools fully reopen.


  1. I honestly think that schools should not open because its better to do it for a whole year rather than just a month


  2. I like how you provided good facts for both sides. What do you personally think though, would you like schools to reopen?


  3. I agree that schools are dirty and have higher chances for covid but with a lot of cleaning it may be safe. Do you want to go back to school full time?


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