It’s almost time for Spring Break, a one week vaction that comes every school year during April. I think one of the main ideas is that you’re supposed to get outside and enjoy the weather. However, you can’t really do that this year…except you can if you have a backyard, or just a yard in general. Here are some ideas for activities you can do during Spring Break this year. Do note that you could probably do these anytime you have day off

Blow bubbles (outside)

Bubbles are incredible. There isn’t another word that can describe them. Your age doesn’t matter. Blow them out your window, in your backyard, or inside (although I wouldn’t recommend it). The important part is that there are bubbles. Perhaps you can use those auto bubble blowers that can produce bubbles at rates man may never achieve. Use several, if you must. Find out your preferred bubble-blowing technique and use it to its fullest effect.

Fly (an RC helicopter)

Flying is cool. You’re in the air, when you’re supposed to not be in the air. Unfortunately, there is almost no escape from the burden we call the ground. However, we can at least somewhat simulate the experience by making something else fly. Figuring out how to properly fly an RC helicopter can be deceivingly difficult. You’re probably going to want one that is actually good. You’re probably going to crash a few times, and a $12 plastic helicopter with a controller that costed the manufacturer half that probably isn’t going to do you any good.

Build with LEGO bricks

LEGO bricks are always fun to use, even if they may be considered childish. There are more complex sets out there that aren’t even recommended for kids, however. You can also build whatever you like if you prefer.

We have Winter Break, Spring Break, Summer Break, but no “Fall Break.”

Anyway, thanks for reading!


  1. I would love to fly an RC helicopter. Also what do you think about the fact we can’t really go outside?


  2. I love the vibe you gave off while explaining these nostalgic activities. Especially about the bubbles, it’s been so long since I’ve blown a bubble before. Though, is it really that easy to do some of these activities during this time?


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