I am going to give my opinion on the movie “Sandlot”

The movie, Sandlot, is a baseball film about 9 kids that are in the 1960’s playing baseball in the summer. It was 8 kids but one kid moved into the neighborhood and went to go see the kids play, but he doesn’t know how to play. There was a ball hit right next to him and the kids told him to throw the ball back, he tried to but he didn’t throw it far. The kids started laughing and he was crying running home. Couple days later he asks his step-dad to teach him how to play, but when they were playing catch, he got hit in the eye and got a black eye. So the kid went back to the field and he asked to play. They all said no except one and it was a guy that they kids think is their best player. Couple weeks later they are friends with him. But when they were playing, one of the kids hit a home run and since it went over the fence, it went into someone’s yard and it was the yard that had the vicious dog so now they have no ball. So the new kid went to his house and grabbed a ball that was signed by Babe Ruth. (For those who don’t know Babe Ruth, he is arguably the best player in baseball history now but in the 1960’s he was no doubt the best player ever.) He knew the ball was signed but didn’t know it was the greatest baseball player ever. He went back to the Sandlot. (That is what they call the park the play at, the Sandlot) and he hit a home run. And he went back to the vicious dog yard. Then he said it was signed by Babe Ruth. They kids were acting crazy because they knew they had to get that ball back. They tried for days and didn’t get it. But the owner of the dog went outside and told them to come inside. He was actually a good friend of Babe Ruth! He gave him a signed ball of the Yankee greats like, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, etc. Then the movie was over.

What I think of this movie is great. It was one of my favorite movies and it still is my favorite movie. And I just found out that this is a true story which makes it better! It is a great movie for kids that are getting into baseball and it is still a great movie for MLB players right now. It has one of my favorite lines in my life and it is, “You’re killing me smalls!” Overall this is a great movie for baseball fans. They made a second one but it had different actors and it wasn’t as great.

Tom Guiry aka Scott Smalls (Main Character)- Tom Guiry was born on October 12th, 1981 in Toms River, New Jersey. He acted in The Sandlot, U-57, Black Hawk Down, Mystic River, Black Irish, and The Revenant. In August 2013, Tom Guiry was arrested at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas, for allegedly head-butting a police officer after he was told he was too drunk to board a flight.




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