Welcome to another blog post, we’ll be talking about something all students are going through.

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Social Emotional Learning consists of many aspects. Being emotionally stable is very important when it comes to school and learning for others. If you can’t learn yourself, you can’t learn others. During some classes, I’ve gone over the topics including SEL and though I’ve always been aware of the topic, I never thought much of it. At the beginning of the school year, I learned about many things revolving around SEL. Situations learnt including:

-Social Awareness


-Self Management

-Responsible Decision Making

-Relationship Skills

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Social Emotional Learning goes over our emotional goals, habits, and choices we make for ourselves. Sometimes, our habits and choices aren’t healthy for ourselves, which brings up why we learn about these topics during school from time to time. Personally for me, I learned about inner conflicts and unhealthy habits and tendencies we tend to give ourselves. That’s all I can really say about SEL for now, have a good day.

Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of All Students - MDR

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