Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States of America, he charged the Civil War to save the nation, and had a important role for ending slavery in America.

Abraham Lincoln’s Youth

Abraham Lincoln was born in Sinking Springs Farm on February 12, 1809. His parents were Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks Lincoln. Abraham had 2 siblings, Sarah and Thomas. Sarah was his older sister who was 2 years older than him, his younger brother Thomas, died in infancy.

At the age of 2, Abraham and his family moved to Knob Creek Farm. Five years later the family had moved to the wilderness in Little Pigeon Creek. On October 5th, 1818 Abraham’s mother had died, she supposedly died from “milk sickness,” it had been caused by the cows eating a plant called snakeroot. A year later after the incident, Thomas Lincoln married Sarah Bush Johnston who had 3 children Elizabeth, Matilda, and John. Abraham and his father were never close, but Abraham had a great bond with his sister Sarah. Sarah encouraged Abraham to educate himself, he did that by borrowing books and studying them.

Lawyer to Congress to President

In 1836, Abraham received his license to practice law. Abraham would then go on to establish a good record as an attorney and he was hired most of the time for Illinois Central Railroad. Abraham won the re-elections in 1836, 1838, and 1840. He had an important role in getting Springfield to be the state capital. After 1840, he didn’t do as much as he did before, but he still won the popular vote in 1854 but he had to resign to be eligible for election in the U.S Senate.

In 1846, he got elected to the U.S House of Representatives. While he was there, he gave his infamous speech known as “Spot”. The speech was about who started the war first between Mexico and asked if it was on American or Mexican soil.

In 1861, Abraham Lincoln had become the 16th president of the United States of America. In his presidency he made the Republican Party a powerful national organization, reassembled majority of the northern democrats to the Union, and won the Civil War to declare slaves to be free.

The End of Abraham Lincoln

On the night of April 14th, 1865, Abraham and his wife went to Ford’s theatre to watch a play. A man named John Wilkes Booth had snuck into the presidential box and shot Abraham Lincoln in the back of his head. Abraham had actually survived into the following morning but still died. The president was buried in Springfield, Illinois. Eleven years later, a gang tried stealing his body to exchange the body for their leader who was imprisoned. Lincoln was then moved into a new tomb in 1901, with 4,000 pounds of concrete to prevent it from happening again

Abraham’s accomplishments were keeping the Union alive, cleared democracy, and ended slavery. Even though he ended slavery, he was still referred to as racist. They call him racist because he didn’t want Africans in America, and believed the Africans should be shipped back to Africa, he wanted America to be pure white land.

This was the end of the Abraham Lincoln biography. Thank you for having the time to read my blog! See you next time.

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  1. Interesting article. I learned some new things. I like the names of the farms, never knew his mother died, and now I’ll have to research his position on colonization.


  2. This blog post was really informational and pleasing to the eye. I loved how you split up sections of the blog to make it more organized. The pictures were also a really nice touch.


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