Hello, today I will be giving y’all a movie review. The movie I am going to be reviewing is Matilda. The rating for Matilda is PG. The recommended age rating for Matilda is 6 and up. Overall the movie is a great movie for all ages. I have watched this movie multiple times and love it! This movie is very interesting especially if its your first time watching it. The main point of the movie is that evil people get whats coming to them and good people win over evil.

Matilda the main character is a young girl that is very intelligent she worked to proceed her intelligence and get the things she needed. In the movie it seemed as her parents didn’t want her to succeed in life. Matilda was adopted and from the day she was adopted her parents treated her as if she was a peace of trash. The only people in the movie who were nice to Matilda were her teacher and friends, even her principle was evil. Matilda deserved more than received and at the end of the movie it ends very happily. I really recommend this movie to watch for all ages.

Best Movies Matilda GIFs | Gfycat
Review: Matilda by Roald Dahl – I Read Therefore I Am

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