Hello, today I will be writing about something that’s interesting in the news. As of today something that has affected many of us is Covid-19. Us in a pandemic is something that has shut many things down and also is having us do things we never imaged we would have to do. During this pandemic 2 main things we have to do if we go outside is wear face mask and social distance 6 feet. This pandemic also has ruined most of our fun life because everything being shut down. There are many students who also have to do virtual learning. This pandemic has changed our life majorly and some of us are adjusted to it while others aren’t.

Helping Kids Get Used to Seeing and Wearing Masks
Should we say “physical” distancing instead of “social” distancing?

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  1. Do you think the people that haven’t adjusted to quarantine will need help with their mental health if this goes on for too long?


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