Hey Guys its Kamilah so today I’m going to be talking about something interesting in the news.

Funny Breaking News Memes - Funny PNG

One thing that was really interesting to me is it’s been 1 year since the pandemic!!! I really hope this all over soon but that’s not what we’re talking about, were taking about covid 19. Just recently the lockdown was lifted, however we still have to wear our masks and social distance.

John Cleese. Really. - Meme on Imgur

Yeah I know it sucks but at least we’re getting somewhere, I hope. If you guys don’t remember in september of 2020 the lockdown was lifted but then we went back on lockdown so I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen again. That’s it for now!! BYEE!


  1. I don’t mean to be that pessimistic introvert but we have to look at the pandemic in a realistic view. When looking at it like that you realize that at the pace we are at right now we might not get a vaccine to the public for another year maybe more.


    1. I agree because even though the vaccine is already out, not everyone wants like my family doesn’t because no ones knows what is in it…if you find out the ingredients are there probably something most of it is things most people cant even pronounce but that is my family opinion and there is no correct or incorrect one.


  2. I liked how you added information and you included your thoughts on what happening with the Covid 19 situation. I do think you could add a bit more detail but besides that, you did great!


    1. but if you like my posts you can search up Kamilah in the search bar at the bottom and my stuff will coe up


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