The inauguration of Pres. Biden and Vice Pres. Harris was a very important moment in history.

The inauguration was Amazing!! The looks and outfits were everything especially Michelle and Barack Obama. We had our first Female, African American, and First Asian American to Be A VICE PRESIDENT!!! This is the first time in history that a female is vice president and that is just fascinating. This is one of the best things that have ever happened to United States. This will definitely go down as one of the most legendary moments is HISTORY!

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Omg you did really well explaining and adding detail to your paragraph. I also enjoyed how you managed to express your excitement! I do wish you could work a little bit more on your conclusion but besides that you did great!


  2. Thanks for leaving a link to the event inside your post. It is very helpful, and I couldn’t watch the whole event live that day.


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