If you know or play the game of baseball, The Sandlot might be one of the most popular baseball movies. If you did not know what this movie is, The Sandlot is like a Christmas movie but in the summer. This movie was actually based on a true story. It was based on David Mickey Evans, who was the director and co-writer of the film, who grew up playing baseball in the summer. I’d recommend this classic movie as it is one of my favorites. There are also 3 of “The Sandlot”‘s movies.

Tom Guiry Autograph 8x10 Photo The Sandlot Scotty Smalls Signed JSA CO —  Zobie Productions

When the character, Scottie Smalls (the picture above) moves into a new neighborhood and makes friends with kids who loves to play baseball. Scottie was unfamiliar with baseball, he did not even know who Babe Ruth was. He eventually learned more about the game when Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez, one of the best players, teaches him and his friends over the summer. This ended up as one of the best summer of his life that he will never forget.

Little known facts and secrets about The Sandlot | University Fox


  1. This is one of my favorite baseball films too, my favorite character is Ham (Hamilton Porter)!


  2. That’s very cool to know that someone made a blog post on Sandlot because that’s one of my favorite movies, even though I don’t know much about baseball


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