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Today we are going to be Reviewing Tyler Perry’s A Madea Farewell Play!!!

A Madea Farewell play is the last time Madea will be on the big screen or the big stage in your cities.

This play is about Malik (Jacobi Brown) graduating from college. The whole family gets together at Darlene’s (Alexis Hollis) house. Cora (Tamela Mann), Mr. Brown (David Mann), Devin (Anthony Lewis), Robin (Ashlee Gillum), Omar, (Walter Fauntleroy), Sylvia (RaVaughn Brown), William (Kendrick Mays), Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis) and the one and only Madea(Tyler Perry) are all that are in attendance
This play has many up’s and downs. I’m not going to say any because that would spoil the whole play/movie. This movie teaches every age and gender lessons. Some of the lessons are that kids need to know who the parent is and kids can’t not disrespect adult AT ALL. This family is very dysfunctional but they still love one another at the end of the day.

This movie/play gets a ten/ten for me because on the situations that they spoke on. I could definitely relate to the situations they were talking about. I went to this play when it first started touring at paramount theaters in Oakland, Ca and it’s was a great experience that I got to watch and observe. This is a must see even though they aren’t touring anymore you can still watch the play on BET PLUS if you have it.

Cassi Davis Has been on Many Tyler Perry’s movies and shows all the way from House of Paynes To the Finale Madea play. Cassi Davis is one of the Most outstanding actresses that I have ever seen on my TV and in real life. I do not know if she is going to be appearing in films in the future, but I would definitely recommend you watching her films as they are really outstanding.

Thanks for reading!!

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