GONJIAM : HAUNTED ASYLUM MOVIE REVIEW | SHINI LOLA | Your Guide to Travel,  Beauty, Lifestyle

Hello! Today I have a choice to pick what topic to write about. So today we will be talking about the Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital, if you are wondering what it is then here is it. It is an asylum that was closed due to sewer problems, even though there were insane doctors, but that’s not why this hospital/asylum closed. An article that I read said that some ghost hunters went in and came out soon because their ghost detectors were sensing something near them and the sensing was even closer when they were in the car. Well, that is all for my blog post this week! Thank you for spending time reading my post!

A Creepy Afternoon Alone in an Abandoned Hospital- Gonjiam Psychiatric  Hospital | My So Called Creative Life
A picture from a person who was at the asylum alone!

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