This blog post will be covering a strange monolith discovered in Utah desert. This news is not false because I checked different websites and they all are talking about this topic. CBS news and NPR news are my main sources.

So this strange monolith is not the first time we have seen this. The first time thing type of thing appeared was back in 2001. People think this is A Space Odyssey type of situation. The scary thing about this is that this mysterious thing disappeared and reappeared on about November 18th.

This monolith was found by a public safety crew flying southeastern Utah and finding an unusual monolith in a remote area of the state. This metal thing is about 10 feet tall. One of the crew members said that this is the weirdest thing he has ever come a crossed.

But he does have some theories. He thinks that this could be a new wave of artists. Or someone who just loves A Space Odyssey. In this picture you can see that the crew is investigating the monolith. The did not find that much information but I think they will go more deep into this situation.


Thank you for reading and stay safe!!

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