In this blog post, I’ll be reviewing a movie. The movie I will be reviewing is the South Korean movie, Parasite. It is about a poor family, the Kim family, secretly disguising themselves as high-class intelligent people to work for a wealthy family, the Parks.

It starts off with Ki-woo (Woo-sik Choi), the son of the Kim family getting recommended to the Park family, as an English tutor for the daughter of the Park family, Da-Hye. Ki-woo gets accepted and recommends his sister, Ki-jung (Park So-dam) to the Park family as an Illinois art graduate for the Parks’ youngest son, Da-song.

The Kim siblings work together to fire the driver and housekeeper working for the Parks’ and recommend their mother Chung-sook (Jang Hye-jin) and their father Kim Ki-taek (Kang-Ho Song). Everything was as planned according to the Kim family until the Parks’ go on a camping trip and leave the house to the housekeeper, Chung-sook. The Kims’ go to the Parks’ rich looking house and start eating and drinking the Park family’s food and beer. The previous housekeeper comes to the house and asks to see if she can get something that she left in the basement, so Chung-sook let her. After a few minutes of the housekeeper staying too long, Chung-sook and the rest start to check up on her. The housekeeper opened up a secret room that lead further into the basement. It turns out the housekeeper’s husband was living there.

Chung-sook threatens to call the police until the rest of the Kims’ slip and the house keeper starts to record the family and threaten to send the video of the family to the wife of the Parks’.

Startled, the Kims’ and the housekeeper and her husband go back up to the surface with the housekeeper recording the Kims’. Chung-sook gets a from the Parks’ saying that they’re coming back so the Kims’ lock up the housekeeper and her husband in the basement. When the Parks’ came back home the housekeeper walked back up to the surface and got kicked by Chung-sook and died from a concussion. The husband was furious, shouting out Chung-sook’s name. The rest of the Kims’ hid under the table and sneaked out with Chung-sook sleeping over at the Park house. When the Kims’ when back to their home, it was flooded so they had to sleep at a shelter with dozens of other people. The wife of the Park family called and told the Kims’ to come help them with Da-song’s birthday party. In the middle of the birthday party, Ki-woo went to go apologize to the housekeeper and the husband not knowing that the housekeeper is dead. When he goes down he gets attacked by the husband, he runs away but gets hit by a rock and goes unconscious. The husband rushes outside and stabs Ki-jung with her eventually bleeding out, and the husband also tries to stab Chung-sook but fails and gets stabbed by a stick. The Parks’ were rushing to get away but needed their keys which Ki-taek had. The husband of the Parks’ was being selfish and rushed Ki-taek even though their staff was dying. Ki-woo was carried out by Da-Hye and goes to the hospital, meanwhile Ki-taek throws the keys, but misses. The husband of the Parks’ gets the keys while pinching his nose, Ki-taek being furious stabs the husband of the Parks’. Everyone escapes and Ki-woo had recovered but with his father and sister missing and dead. Ki-woo and Chung-sook go the grave of Ki-jung. After that Ki-woo goes back to the house watching from a distance, a light starts blink in morse code. Ki-woo later on translate the morse code and finds out that his father, Ki-taek is in the basement hiding from the police. At the end of parasite Ki-woo writes a letter back to his father saying that he will become rich and eventually buying the house. It shows Ki-woo and his mother, Chung-sook moving into the house, but unfortunately that never happened.

In my opinion, I would give parasite a 10/10, it was realistic and it shows that life can never go as planned.

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