Today as you can see I’m going to be talking about the legend itself, Sonic the Movie.

Sonic Movie GIF by Sonic The Hedgehog - Find & Share on GIPHY

In my opinion, Sonic the movie was really good, the character were solid, the story everything was just really good “SPOILERS AHEAD” and I remember when Sonic kinda made it to a house and was looking for food and was thought to be a raccoon and the owner of the house shot him with a tranquilizer and it was really funny even though I think sonic should’ve been able to run away like this

Sonic Movie GIF | Sonic the Hedgehog GIFs | 100% Fun

I also have to give a huge appraise to Jim Carrey wich was my favorite actor in Sonic the Movie and let me tell you why. First off all He was so funny and he had so many funny scenes. It was so intriguing to watch Jim Carrey and get the feeling of him being a mad scientist which I like alot and Jim Carrey would be probably be like this because of all the good things I’ve said about him.

Practical Typing | Sonic the Hedgehog (2020): Dr. Robotnik (ENTJ)

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