Koala wanders into family’s home

Curious koala sneaks into Australian home, climbs into Christmas -  WRCBtv.com | Chattanooga News, Weather & Sports

This family had left there back door open on a sunday after noon for there dog to come in and out and this kola came in to find a christmas tree that looked good to climb.It’s not a common event for koalas to wander into peoples homes but it does happen from time to time in Australia.

Family Discover Adorable Koala In Their Christmas Tree - UNILAD

While the family was waiting for koala animal control which is a thing in Australia they gave it a nick name.Daphne, may have been a cute addition to the tree, the animal certainly couldn’t stay there. And the family did think that the koala was very cute they also new that they can be dangerous especially when feeling threatened . Shortly after the koala control had arrived and safely got the koala out of the home.

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